Minutes from February chapter meeting

Bonneville Chapter ICC

February 14, 2012

Farmington City Hall

160 S. Main Street Farmington, Utah, 84025

Questions call: 801-634-2250 Brad Mecham

 Meeting Agenda Minutes

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch Provided by Bob Ek of American Gypsum Company – Thanks to American Gypsum and Bob Ek for Lunch and some very good training.

12:25 – 12:30  Welcome by President: Tex Couch

12:30 – 1:30    Education

  • ·         Understanding and Using the Gypsum Association’s Fire Resistance Design Manual By: Bob Ek CSI, CDT Technical Service Manager American Gypsum Company
  • ·         Over sales, answers Q’s nationally regarding gypsum products, and helps to write technical literature.
  • ·         97% of homes use wallboard
  • ·         Coal byproduct synthetic gypsum
  • ·         8 major companies in US that supply gypsum products
  • ·         STC, FSTC, IIC – different testing methods for sound
  • ·         Many metal studs don’t pass in proprietary systems
  • ·         Less Generic systems now than in the past
  • ·         Steel studs – should be 25 gauge studs used in assembly
  • ·         Endurance and Hose stream must pass both tests
  • ·         Gypsum doesn’t necessarily burn it’s ambient temperature that is measured. Test temp is 325 degrees and avg over 250 degrees
  • ·         Need moderat contact of drywall to be approved ¼” or 1/8” gap is not approved
  • ·         Control joint every 30’ bearing walls or non-bearing ASTM C8 40 GA 216 50’ ceilings ( can download systems at gypsum.org)
  • ·         Sound caulking – mud and tape not good for sound
  • ·         Pg. 8 of manual item 4 screws vs nails – can exchange but same pattern must be followed
  • ·         Gypsum mfg. will not stand behind IBC 721



Minutes approved

1:30 – Close    Tex Couch

  1. 1.      Calendar updates, Spring fling
    1. a.       Ed Domian provided calendar updates for ABM Sept 19 – 21. November is a second choice if needed
    2. b.      Location Farmington City building
    3. c.       Chris Kimbal $600 half day $1100 full day garages and decks structural with engineers using IRC.
    4. d.      Craig motion and Mike 2nd to pay Chris $600 per half motion carried
    5. e.       Steve (Ogden City) Motion to do garage and decks only no carports directly from IRC Jerry 2nd motion carried.
    6. 2.      Marketing for Spring fling – Flyers, Facebook post, Website, Email
      1. a.       Print email flyer and put on city counter for contractors
      2. b.      Jerry Thompson updated us on website progress. It is up and running the web address is iccbonn.wordpress.com
      3. c.       It works like a blog but functions like a website. Should be very user friendly. Specific members of board will have access to update site and Jerry will administrate the site – Currently Jerry, Doug, Craig, and Brad will have access. Other board members may have access later.
      4. d.      Bill motion to go with iccbonn.wordpress.com web site Paul 2nd motion carried
      5. e.       Bruce motioned to pay to keep iccbonn for $30 Bruce 2nd motion carried
      6. f.       Should there be an open forum on website? Most say no – to be determined later.
      7. g.      We will post education, calendar items, minutes, chapter business, etc.
    7. 3.      Possible scholarships to apply for; local and national
      1. a.       Code of honor in July – need to apply?
    8. 4.      Upcoming house bills to support or oppose –
      1. a.       HB 383 Jeremy Peterson

                                                              i.      Bedroom window for basement egress, when non-conforming can city require a change…. Only rental? …

  1. b.      Bill Green – IAPMO changed request will not be reviewed this year. Not enough difference to make a change. Withdrew request for change.
  2. c.       HB 262 Fred Cox IGCC
  3. d.      HB 211 Change code adption process. Make new proposal that the process be done different than current. Title 15A needs to be written different for clarification.
  4. 5.      Upcoming code changes and state amendments; Adoption of 2012 January or July 2013?
  5. 6.      Treasures report – Budgeting for ABM, Spring Fling No updates – Tax guy reviewing 2011
  6. 7.      Open questions: What is on your minds?
    1. a.       Kent Smith – Health department make code more restrictive than building code, Can they do this? Brian Romney – Yes, it is possible.
    2. b.      Mike Bosch – How many people can come from private company for the $300 corporate rate. Especially to training. Is it fair to allow a generally unlimited number to show up or should there be a limit and then pay more for any additional attendants.

                                                              i.      Chapter needs to evaluate how to handle this situation.


            Old and New Business:


            Conclusion and motion to adjourn

Craig motion to adjourn Mike 2nd motion carried.

President:              Tex CouchVice-President:     Doug Smith

Board:                   Lon Christenson – 1year term

                              Brian Romney      2 year term

                              John Saunders      3 year term

Treasurer:             Mike Bosch

Secretary:              Brad Mecham


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