March 13, 2012 Tuesday Monthly Meeting

Bonneville Chapter ICC

March   13, 2012

Farmington City Hall

160   S. Main Street Farmington, Utah, 84025

Questions call: 801-634-2250 Brad Mecham


Meeting Agenda

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch Provided by Bonneville Chapter

12:25 – 12:30  Welcome by President: Tex Couch

12:30 – 1:30    Education – OSHA is scheduled to present on inspector safety on the job site

1:30 – Close    Tex Couch

  1. Calendar updates for “Spring Fling” dates and email to go out. Confirm Chris training topic and time (Half day / garages and decks)
  2. Marketing for Spring fling – Flyers at city offices, Website, Email
  3. Follow up house bills to support or oppose –

Ed Domian –

1-      Show the first draft of the proposed education agenda for our next fall ABM

2-      Certifications v. Licensing:  Questions regarding current license regulations with the State.  Ed asked Roger Evans to sit in since they are both on the State Licensing Board.

3-      If time will allow, a few of us are considering “app creation” to benefit the chapter. (Let us be open to this I think this could be a real benefit)

Treasures report – Budgeting for ABM – Spring Fling

1-      Mike Bosch or Brad Mecham – How many people can come from a private company, for the $300 corporate vendor rate, for the ABM. Especially to training. Is it fair to allow a generally unlimited number to show up or should there be a limit on the $300 price tag and then pay more for any additional attendants. For example, two persons could be included in the $300 vender price and any additional attendants would be the associate $25(?) fee for chapter membership. This should be equitable to the chapter and fair to the jurisdictions as well as private companies.

Open questions: What is on your minds?

Old and New Business:

Conclusion and motion to adjourn

President:              Tex CouchVice-President:     Doug SmithBoard:                   Lon Christenson – 1year   term

Brian   Romney    –  2 year term

John   Saunders    –  3 year term

Treasurer:             Mike Bosch

Secretary:              Brad Mecham

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