April 2012 Meeting Minutes

Bonneville Chapter ICC

April 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Farmington City Hall

160 S. Main Street Farmington, Utah, 84025


Meeting Minutes

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch Provided by Bonneville Chapter

12:25 – 12:30  Welcome by President: Tex Couch

12:30 – 12:30 No training do to “Spring Thing” in the Morning

1:30 – Close    Tex Couch

  1. How did spring thing go? Chris Kimbal from Kimbal Engineering did a fantastic job with the Spring Thing training. Good job Chris. 40 people attended the meeting. No contractors were in attendance; this was a little disappointing.
  2. Minutes reviewed Jerry Thompson motioned to approve and Mike Bosch second. Unanimous vote to approve.

Ed Domian –

1-      Show the first draft of the proposed education agenda for our next fall ABM? ABM questions? 3 tracks will be on the final draft because we are better off financially with 3 due to reimbursements from the state (it is how the rules work). Steve Thomas will modify his Chapter 34 and add Chapter 46 of fire code for existing structures. Add state amendments for IPC and try to draw plumbers waiting to the last minute to finish CEU’s. Photovoltaic is becoming a much bigger deal with reimbursements and green movement. Should be very appropriate class with the greater need for training.

2-      Follow up Certifications v. Licensing:  Any new news? Should there be any further discussion? This seems to be a non-issue so further discussion was had. Too many things different from IRC to commercial codes and the political environment. Table for now.

Treasures report – Budgeting for ABM – Spring Fling

1-      Mike Bosch – Preliminary report on Spring Thing $18,000.00 in bank account approx… Taxes went up about $200 due to 1099 rules. Future adjustments and better understanding of new rules will help. Government, IRS, is making hard but we will be OK. Seems to continue to be a learning curve as tax rules change from time to time. $1000 ABM expenses to date paid. Currently the chapter is at about where it has been in the past. Thanks to Eric and Farmington City for the use of facilities. Made $380 from Spring Thing plus whatever is made from the state reimbursement.

2-      Discuss chapter decision on private company dues. $300 paid to sponsor ABM includes one attendee; that attendee gets a 1 year membership and can go to classes at the ABM. All other employees of the company would need to pay the $25 associate level fee for membership and pay full ABM price to attend classes?  Motion by Craig Brown $300 vendor donation pays for ABM and will include a table spot at ABM, 1 class A membership, 1 associate membership for a year. One person form vendor organization may attend 2 days of classes (1 day 2 persons or 2 days 1person). Motion second by Jerry Thompson. Motions carried.

Open questions: What is on your minds?

Mike Blackham – Handyman rule includes commercial construction up to $1000 per project. Problem allows handyman to roll 1 permit into another if the person is able to stay under $1000. Sounds like a loop hole. Not a lot any one can do about it. Watch for possible problems.

Steve – Ogden hired a non-certified manager over B.O. with a title of Building Service Manager. Difficult work environment Tooele did a similar thing. This situation seems to be more and more common in the building departments today. All will need to work through the tough times. Good luck.

1-      Did spring thing help with Kent’s deck question from last Chapter Meeting?

Old and New Business: None

Conclusion and motion to adjourn Mike B motion to adjourn John S second carries

President:              Tex CouchVice-President:     Doug Smith

Board:                   Lon Christenson – 1year term

Brian Romney    –  2 year term

John Saunders    –  3 year term

Treasurer:             Mike Bosch

Secretary:              Brad Mecham

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