July 13th Chapter Meeting

July 13, 2021 Meeting Agenda – (Second Tuesday afternoon)
Farmington City Hall               bonnevilleicc.org
160 S. Main Street                 iccbonn@gmail.com
Farmington, UT        iccbonn.wordpress.com

We will meet as usual at Farmington City Hall Tuesday, July 13th.  If you would like we will still be hosting the meeting via Zoom as well (link will be provided before the meeting).  


12:00 – 1:00: Training- Combustion Air and Venting, Shums Coda
1:00- Chapter Meeting- Welcome, Cody Richards. Review Past minutes.

Chapter Business
• Education Update- Updated ABM courses?
o When is it printed?
o Are we doing posters and booklets?
o Are we offering a virtual option?
• Legislation Update-
o How has implementation been?
• Old Business
• New Business

President: Cody Richards
Vice-President: Paul Thorley
Board: Jenefer Youngfield – 1 year term
Craig Browne – 2 year term
Eric Bosch – 3 year term
Treasurer – Mike Bosch
Secretary – Heidi Gordon
Past President – Troy Glines

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