October 9th Chapter Meeting


October 9th Meeting Agenda – (Second Tuesday afternoon)

Farmington City Hall

160 S. Main Street

Farmington City  84025

12:00 – 12:25  Lunch provided by Chapter

Welcome by President Doug Smith

12:30  Education Topic:  What are you doing about?      Craig Brown

Discussion on Legislative issues 6 to 9 years between code adoptions?  – Craig Browne

September ABM – President Doug Smith

  • Meeting Minutes Review
  • Conference feedback
  • Conference Attendance ($$$$$$$$$$$)

Treasurer’s report – Mike Bosch

ICC ABM:  Portland Planning –   Tex Couch

Old & New Business – President Doug Smith

President:  Doug Smith

Vice-President:  Lon Christensen

Board:  – Brian Romney – 1 year term

   John Saunders –  2 year term

                   Jeff Fuller – 3 year term

Treasurer – Mike Bosch

Acting Secretary – Ed Domian

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